June 7, 2018

There’s just something about scorpions I love…plus there’s just fun to draw! This one is in watercolors and gouache with some colored pencils as well.


June 7, 2018

I’m fascinated by serial killers and have some friends who are as well, I made this little watercolor portrait of Ted Bundry for one of them as a gift.


January 15, 2018

I painted this pig in mostly watercolors and gouache (with a little ink in the underlayer) on Arches watercolor paper, 2018.


January 15, 2018

A bighorn Ram done in watercolors and gouache on Arches watercolor paper, 2017.

Monitor Lizard

January 15, 2018

The reference photo for this Monitor Lizard was taken by my wife at the Reptile Museum in Monroe, WA…painting is watercolors and gouache on Arches watercolor paper.

Insect I

January 15, 2018

Just a random little bug I painted in watercolors, gouache, and ink at a drink&draw


January 15, 2018

This colorful horse was done in watercolors and gouache on Arches paper, 2017.


January 15, 2018

Just a hen in watercolors and gouache on arches paper, 2017.


January 15, 2018

This bunny was in watercolors and gouache in my sketchbook, painted at a weekly drink&draw.


January 15, 2018

Watercolors, ink, and gouache on Arches paper, private collection.

Nautilus in watercolors and gouache


June 2, 2017

Gettin naughty with a nautilus…ink and watercolors and I think a bit of gouache, done at a drink & draw one night in my sketchbook.


June 2, 2017

I painted this bluebird at a drink&draw as a gift for my wife…pencils, then watercolors and a little gouache in a sketchbook.

Turtle (gouache)


May 2, 2017

Gouache (and some watercolors) in a sketchbook, this is a ‘portrait’ of a friend’s pet turtle in Florida…I gave them this painting in gratitude for their hospitality when I visited.

Rooster in gouache


May 1, 2017

Watercolor and gouache painting of a rooster from photo ref, painted at a drink&draw event at a bar. I liked the eyes of this one in particular, I remember the whole thing being fun to paint!

Elk (Gouache)


May 1, 2017

My first gouache painting (with some watercolors in the background), made this elk in a sketchbook…having never used gouache before it was a challenge but I’m happy with the end result!